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Gun Hatred is not a Family Value

Farm Team Infidel
Farm Team Infidel T-Shirts!!!!
Heavyweight 6oz Cotton T-Shirt - FTI color logo on back, logo on front center.
Price: Wholesale Orders only
Color: Sand (of course)

We are currently selling our apparel wholesale only in quantities of 24 shirts or greater.

Please email us for pricing.

Farm Team Infidel Qualifications

The Farm Team keeps watch over the Homeland...

One might ask, what is a Farm Team Infidel? It's simple. Those who walk in harm's way in service to our nation are Major League Infidels. These men (and women) are tactical operators and professional soldiers who have the training and the knowledge to decrease the effectiveness of those who work daily to bring America to its knees.

Farm Team Infidels are those who support those in the "big league". Farm Team Infidels also reject the politics of those who hate our military, capitalism and our right to keep and bear arms.

Do you:

  • Believe that America is the strongest yet most generous nation on the planet?
  • Support our Military and their mission as the most vital fighting force on the planet?
  • Own a firearm or would like to own a firearm? (Be careful, freedom isn't free, owning firearms is an expensive hobby).
  • Believe that gun control is a firm grip and perfect sight alignment?
  • Feel the desire to wear clothing that shows your Infidel pride?
If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, then you are a Farm Team Infidel. Thank you for being a productive member of society!