All items are designed, produced and fulfilled by JSHolsters Armory.
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Farm Team Infidel - behind the scenes
The Farm Team Infidel project is a team effort. While the concept originated from within the ranks of JSHolsters, LLC, bringing products to market takes some work (it's that whole capitalism thing mixed in with a little trickle-down economics).

  First and foremost, we have to give thanks to Their promotion of the FTI project helped launch us at warp speed. They also give us something to do when we are not packaging shirts.
  Our logo artwork was done by Kevin from Obey The Purebreed. Kevin is a gifted artist and a master of graphics design. He also sells some pretty cool shirts.
  And finally, the bulk of the credit goes to each one of you who purchases our shirts. We couldn't do this without you. Thanks for your support!

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