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Frequently Asked Questions

  What does the JME logo signify?

The "JME" in the upper right corner of the FTI logo stands for "Jason, Mike & Eric"; the three guys who craft the holsters for JSHolsters, LLC. While we don't make holsters at the same time in the same shop, our contributions to the JSHolsters brand identity are equal. Even though the company is named for one person (Jason, the founder) the product output is a team effort.

  The dictionary defines "Infidel" as "one who is not a Christian or who opposes Christianity". Do you you guys oppose Christianity?

Quite the contrary. Words have different meanings. Look up the word "nut". Those who wish to harm our nation and our way of life have a specific religious and social agenda. If you fail to follow "their" agenda you are an infidel. If you follow their religious and social agenda, you are a nut. I think we all know who the nuts are. They protest violently when cartoons are published or when the Ten Commandments are displayed in public.

  The current political climate in the world demands that we be sensitive to people of other beliefs and religions. Why would you sell something so inflammatory?

The logo says a lot of things. The colors show support for a nation and a body of people rooted in military superiority. The silhouette of the average American signifies "muzzle towards danger". The current world climate mandates that we as Americans must be vigilant. The "Farm Team" is a reference to the average American playing a crucial support role. Support our troops, their mission and their families.

  It has come to my attention that the logo on the shirts I ordered/received grossly resembles the colors of France. I am horrified that I may be mistaken for a supporter of France. AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH.

Our Generation I FTI Logo did in fact share the color scheme of the French Flag. Our new design will clearly identify your proud infidel status to the "blame America first" people. The colors in the new FTI logo are strikingly similar to those in the current MARPAT® (MARine Disruptive PATtern). We chose these colors because each of us has within us an inner child that still thinks cammies are cool.

As a clearly identifiable infidel, the blamers may take pity upon you and seek to educate you in the noble ways of the UN, the harmful effect of man-made greenhouse gases and the benefits of universal healthcare/socialized medicine. Embrace this time to convey your points of view and chip away at their love for those who hate America. To convert a philosophical adversary we must present the opportunity to question and ultimately doubt their cause. Only then will they seek our way as an alternative and before long adopt our way of thinking as their own.

Our way is always "muzzle towards danger".

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